Great Ideas For Hens Night Invitations And Bachelorette Party Decorations

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It does not matter if you call it a hens night or a bachelorette party, when a girl snags a man, and is about to be married, she deserves one heck of a party.


There a different types of hens parties. Some are hosted at home, while others take place at a predetermined location somewhere in town. Those girls with a fortune to their name can even take the festivities abroad, but that is more the exception than the norm!


Despite the distinct differences, the majority of hens nights parties all have at least two things in common. The organizers of all these celebrations will have to send out hens night invitations, and they will have to purchase decorations.  Even if the girls decide to go out for dinner, and have a few drinks at a pub afterwards, they will still need a bunch of event-appropriate accessories to show the other patrons what kind of a fun night-out they are having. They want no trouble, just a whole lot of fun!


Hens night, or bachelorette party invitations, should be sent out whenever the guest list has been completed and the activities are set. The invitations should contain the date of the function, the time and place where everyone should meet, as well as the cost. If extra expenses are anticipated, you can also suggest an allowance and any other useful information. Some bachelorette parties are themed, and your guests will have to know if they need to dress up.


The actual invitations can be ordered from printers who specialize in classy, stylish and personalized hens invites, or you can craft them yourself.  Any plain cardstock paper can be printed on a home computer, folded and stuck in an envelope. Depending on how much time you can invest in the cards, you can also embellish them with pictures of the bride-to-be, or any type of wedding- themed stickers or decorations.


Send out the hens night invitations a few weeks prior to the event so every girl that wants to attend has plenty of time to collect her participation fee, make or rent a costume, and think of a few funny games to play.


Aside from the invitations, hens night planners have to pick up an appropriate amount of decorations and accessories. While you are placing your order, make sure you also include the following items:


  • Printed and shaped balloons
  • A pack of deluxe  Willy straws
  • Willy whistles for each participating lady
  • Willy bubbles
  • A giant inflatable Willy for the guest of honor
  • Bride-to-be warning boppers
  • A bundle of hot pink flashing sashes
  • An assortment of games that can be played either at home, at the restaurant or in the limo.


The longer your list, the more fun you will have. Of course, if you are handy, you could make some of the decorations yourself. Printing a banner is quite easy, and if all the girls help with other wall and table decorations you will be finished in no time. Maybe that will give you a chance to come up with a few other bright ideas!


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Great Ideas For Hens Night Invitations And Bachelorette Party Decorations

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This article was published on 2011/01/04
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